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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


  • Orders are sent out once a week. If you need a rush on your order, please email with subject "Rush Order"

  • Once the package leaves my hands, it is the responsibility of the postal system to deliver it to you intact. If you experience a problem however, I will do what I can to help you find a solution. 

  • Some regions and countries have restrictions on wildlife imports such as bones that you will find in some of my pieces. It is your responsibility to research what is acceptable to import, as failure to do so may cause your order to get seized. 

❤️ CARE ❤️


It is best to keep the piece dry, and pat with a soft towel should it get wet for longevity. If possible, do not shower while wearing the piece (even though we know you don't want to take it off!) and keep out of prolonged sun contact - like the dash of a car - to avoid bleaching or yellowing any organic materials.






Most Necklaces can be altered to a different length or fitted with adjustable chain clasp. Please inquire BEFORE your order is placed to confirm that the adjustment can be made on your selected piece.

Depending on the care, your piece may require maintenance to ensure longevity. Hemp and organic materials generally last a year with daily, 24/7 wear. Pieces that are not worn as frequently and not often wet or exposed to sun will require less care.

Prices below are a baseline, and subject to change depending on the project/materials

Jewellery Repair.png
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