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About the Creator


Hello! I am Kat and the goblin behind all these strange creations. 

I am Western Canada-based and dabble in many artistic pursuits, this page will mostly feature jewelry and illustration. 

I've been making wearable art for 12 years, with the last few years spent taking to the road to showcase my creations. I hope to do this again post-covid. 

Everything I make is ethically sourced as much as possible and in an effort to reduce waste a lot of materials are scavenged from thrift stores, antique shops, sometimes roadside ditches. Any animal parts included are always found specimens, turned into something beautiful to honour the life of the animal. 

To me, Vulture Culture is making value and giving life to what would otherwise be buried and forgotten. Reclaiming the marginal aspects of modern life is the purpose of my art, and a challenge to how we currently consume. 

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